United National Dispatch System

United National Dispatch System (UNDS) - is the first national operator of location-based (LBS) and fleet management services (FMS), working throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. UNDS has a wide network of dispatch centers in more than 30 cities of the country. Whether you are looking for a turnkey vehicle tracking solution for a fleet of vehicles, or reliable satellite-based anti-theft service, there’s our solution for you today.

UNDS is a young but successful project. In the very beginning it was built on the basis of the so-called "Roaming in Telematics". In condition of high mobility it is very important to have a country wide tracking and support service independent on where you move and what problem you encounter on the road. In any region of the country dispatcher will track subscribers and provide all the range of vehicle recovery services, in case of road accidents will coordinate and direct emergency services to the place of the accident, provide navigation and information services to drivers lost on their way.

UNDS focuses on deploying in Russia the Intelligent Transport Sytems and Services (ITS in Russia). Among its innovative turn-key projects are:

  • Municipal Monitoring and Information System for passenger mass-transit transport on the basis of GLONASS/GPS and GSM/GPRS technologies integrated with passenger-counting system;
  • Tracking and despatching system for TAXI services;
  • Secure Tracking System for fleets of cash-transporters;
  • and a wide range of other projects for commercial sector.

Today the UNDS has the partner agreement with the biggest Ukrainian GPS tracking service operator, relations are built with operators in Central Asia. Thus UNDS expands the basis of "Roaming in Telematics" onto the most territories surrounding Russia. One of the goals of UNDS is to merge with pan-European GPS telematics projects.

UNDS has a long-term co-operation with the biggest Russian supplier of GLONASS/GPS eqipment - SEC Navigator Technology. UNDS is open for co-operation with vendors of other ITS products and technologies.

Please forward your inquiries for a more detailed information about products, services and regional offices of UDNS as well as proposals for co-operation and partnership to our head-office: 1, Andrianova str., OREL, Russian Federation 302040 ends[at]ends-russia.ru