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29 июня 2022

Today the members of researchand- production holding “Navigator” are: software and telematic modules developer RDC “Navigator Technology”, the manufacturer of the telematic equipment — NPO “Navigator Industries “, the information security centre «Fobos-NТ» and the largest federal operator of satellite monitoring JSC “UNDS” (United national dispatching system). Representative offices of the companies are in more than 55 regions of Russia and in a number of the CIS countries.

- For this period there was formation of UNDS as generated infrastructure — wide area networks of interrelating informational centers and the main Federal Informational centre of UNDS which has started to work last year in December. It considerably raises efficiency of functioning of all network representatives, — the president of group of companies “Navigators” Alexander Syomkin considers. — Besides a quantitative increment of our representatives, the quality indicator of their work also improves. This year we plan to expand activity area of UNDS to each subject of federation and to all CIS countries as much as possible. A number of new commercial products would be put on the market. The structure of the service centres would be organized in federal districts.

The company offers qualitative services and technical solutions of a site control and condition of motor transport of clients, safety of drivers and safety of cargoes, information-navigating and info-telecommunication maintenance of travel corridors, development of Intellectual transport systems (ITS) in the interest of municipal unit, megapolises and federal subjects.

The technical solution developed by group of companies “Navigators” provide a full cycle of business: from working out of hardware-software solution to testing and commissioning of system on the basis of the customer on all territory of the Russian Federation and abroad. Steady research-andproduction relations with the governmental authorities making policy of NTSS implementation in the Russian Federation are established. Joint projects with Rosrybolovstvo, the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Ministry of Railways of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Communications have been realised.

All inventions protected by patent and certificate, there are licences for cartographical activity, activity in the field of protection of the state secret, work with use of cryptographic, safety system of protection of the information, etc. Certified tests of system are successfully made in the test centre at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

System is constantly improving, last world achievements in the field of modelling and designing of geoinformation systems, the newest microprocessors and navigating receivers are used, new algorithms of counteraction of motivated attempts of blocking of work of system by means of electronic warfare are applied, joint researches with leading Russian and foreign developers of equipment GLONASS and NAVSTAR are in progress.

The distributed regional network of UNDS representations of Russia allows to realise projects on federal scale in short term, providing regional branches of the customer with qualitative service of system implementation, giving full technical support and consultations to achieve the greatest efficiency of implementation taking into account feature of functioning of the concrete enterprise.

Experts of group of the companies developed variety of industry analysis and special solutions among which are the solutions for automation of the building enterprises, oil and gas, agricultural, taxi services and city logistics, long-distance and international transportations. Only in the last two years by means of equipment of GK “Navigator” there were fit forty thousand units of transport techniques. Projects of wireless operational communications in the interests of maintaining public order “Citizen-militsia” were realised in Kursk and Orel and the regional Departments of Internal Affairs have taken the lead in it.

The Group of companies “Navigator”

The history of group of companies “Navigator” begins in Orel in the end of the 1990s of 20th century when with assistance of FAGCI (Federal agency of the governmental communication and the information) the Research and Development centre (RDC) “Navigator Technology “ has been formed. The enterprise was initially created to work with the special problems of Goskomrybolovstvo that introduced the industrial system of satellite monitoring. Since then the main areas of activity of the company is specialized in management system of monitoring of mobile and stationary objects on the basis of satellite technologies of location of objects and geoinformation systems (GIS).